The World of Stone

Use stone countertops to upgrade your space in Monroe City or Hannibal, MO and surrounding areas

At Wilson Granite, we are proud to work with many types of stone, both man-made and natural. Stone countertops can be made from granite, quartz and marble. For something unique, you can even make soapstone countertops. Each type of stone brings different benefits to the table depending on your needs.

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Choosing the right stone for you project is important. Every kitchen or bathroom is unique, and we want you to love your space. Our company specializes in working with the following stone products:


A man-made slab, with some slabs that highly resemble marble or granite, Wilson Granite offers quartz products from Cambria, Silestone, Caesarstone and MetroQuartz. This material is made from real quartz, but it's processed to create many different finishes and to increase strength. This is a great option when you want the look of marble but more durability.


This is a natural stone that comes in many different patterns and textures. It's durable, long-lasting and has more depth of color than quartz. Granite can be polished, honed, leathered or made to look like suede.


Marble is a natural stone that's softer than granite or quartz. It's polished, or honed, but it does not have a glossy finish like granite. Available colors depend on the supplier for this product.


This is another softer, natural stone like marble. It has a similar texture and finish. The availability and color choices of soapstone countertops will depend on the supplier.

With a wide selection of slabs, both full and partial, you'll find the right stone for your project at Wilson Granite.

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Popular Edges

Flat polished eased edge

1.25", 0.75"

Half Bevel

1.25", 0.75"

Quarter Bevel

1.25", 0.75"

Full Bullnose

1.25", 0.75"

Half Bullnose

1.25", 0.75"

Demi Bullnose

1.25", 0.75"

Premium Edges

Deep Ogee


Triple Waterfall

1.25", 0.75"

Quarter Bevel T&B

1.25", 0.75"



We work with the following companies. Contact them and visit their showrooms to hand select and view slabs.